SHeRED Magazine

seeks to advocate female skateboarders of any skill level,
who are bold, ambitious, adventurous, fashion-conscious and most of all inspiring.

We are promoting female skateboarding by fostering confidence in girls and women, enabling them to take leadership in their communities. By encouraging inter-social dialogue through skating, we want to connect people from various backgrounds and inspire change through exchange.

It’s time to celebrate the amazing talent and bring awareness to the girls’ skate scene, so women can feel empowered and ready to shred the streets. Our goal is to inspire more women to pick up a board by sharing information about the sport from a woman’s point of view.

We are dedicated to be filling the market gap for a female-oriented skate publication, and are excited to be spreading the stoke for skateboarding amongst women.

SHeRED Magazine. Empowering female skateboarders.


Been Skateboarding since I was 5, I’m now 41 and absolutley love the fact that you have published a Magazine for Female riders. Let the legends live on girls. Would love to recieve emails with articles and pro-mo’s your having. I’m currently in the begining stages of oppening up a Skateboard Shop in Santa Barbara, Ca and am going to tailor the shop towards us “girl” riders. Will have something for everyone but will specialize in “Girl” Merchandise. Have a good one, Keep on riding my fellow friends.

Santa Barbara, Ca.

posted by Amy Ellison on 11.12.11 at 9:02 pm

Hello hello,
I’m from New Zealand and lovin’ your ideas. This is exactly what we need.
My dad bought me how to longboard when I was 9 and I’ve been loving it ever since and am recently starting to get into some downhilling with my mates.
It’s an amazing sport and there really should be more chicks doing it!
When I was 13 my dad made me a simple deck and told me to put some patterns on it and I’ve also been designing boards since then, for myself, friends and recently I’ve started custom designing for skaters that approached me.
It would be awesome if you could check out my Facebook page and spread the love!
Keep it up, you guys are cool.
Cheers, Lili.

posted by Lili Bay on 11.19.11 at 5:56 am

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