A Few Days Until Broadway Bomb / Words From The Shocker

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The ShockerUnfortunately I won’t be making the Bomb this year because I’m finally making the move to southern California, something I’ve been dreaming about for a while now. So currently, I’m on the road from Florida with my good friend Daisy. I’m making my dream move across the country, and I can’t wait to live somewhere surrounded by epic skate terrain and constant sunshine!

I moved out of NYC in March and have been more or less on the road since, hitting as many events as possible. I spent the summer traveling and skating around Canada, but unfortunately got injured and had to go home to my parents in Florida and treat my various broken bones (I fractured my humerus, tore a tendon in my rotator cuff, separated my shoulder, and fractured my lower femur bone). Yeah, pretty gnarly.

The 2009 Broadway Bomb was my first longboard event. Never before had I seen so many skaters gather in one place. It was a pretty surreal experience, one that I will certainly never forget. After my first Bomb I became absolutely hooked on longboarding and the community that surrounds it. I’ve placed first for the women for the last three years, but am ready to pass on my title, as I no longer consider myself part of the NYC longboarding community.

I’ve moved on and am ready to make a name for myself in California! I think my times were all around thirty minutes, but since it’s an outlaw it’s hard to know exactly what times I got. I’ve ridden a different set up every year. I recommend no bigger then 73mm wheels, and any low deck. Ultimately though, a perfect race set up is about comfort, so ride what you know! Although I never specifically trained for the Bomb, I used to be a distance runner, so pushing a board fast for long distances came naturally.

HAVE FUN! Don’t push the Bomb to race. Instead enjoy the community and the hundreds of likeminded people that are skating down the middle of Broadway in NYC with you. It’s a pretty special and surreal feeling to be part of the Broadway Bomb, so don’t waste it, but enjoy it!

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