Benny Benassi Kicks off 2012

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Last week Benny Benassi, Congorock and DJ Gina Turner started the year with a bang here in New York! If this show and the events of 2011 set a bar for what will be surpassed in 2012, then we’re stoked! We witnessed the female longboarding scene explode. We seek to highlight the accomplishments of other females in longboarding and skateboarding, regardless of skill level, as a platform to share ideas and inspire diversity. The opportunities for friendship, experience and fun were ignited by this one shared interest for the sport. It has helped us better connect to the different people and environments we surround ourselves with every day. It’s amazing to see the community use the sport as a vehicle to unite international shredders and to give back to each other. Last year was a great year for longboarders, and we’re hopeful 2012 will bring more smiles, styles, events and inspiration to our fellow shredders.

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