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Our friends over in Chicago had an event last month with rad costumes, this is what they had to say (Also, don’t forget to check out the photo links below.):

Strong wind, cracked pavement, fierce competition, and a ton of stoke marked Chicago’s First Annual Big Scary Push. Despite a forecasted forty percent chance of rain and temperatures in the forties, over a hundred racers and volunteers gathered in historic Humboldt Park for an 8.8 mile push race. The skate gods were kind this Sunday October 30th. The skies were clear and temperatures were in the mid-fifties for the race. Costume clad racers overtook the park as they were cheered on by dozens neighborhood locals.

The Big Scary Push was about getting together and having fun, not just racing. Thanks to our sponsors we were able to not only give away some awesome prizes for placing and coming in costume but we had a huge raffle after the race.

With over a 100 prizes; decks, trucks, wheels, bushings, grip tape, bearings, lubricant, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, sticker packs and DVDs everyone was able to walk away with something.
The Big Scary Push would not have been possible if it wasn’t for our volunteers, participants and sponsors. We would like to thank Original, Bustin Boards, Bombshell Skateboards, CR Boardworks, Riptide Bushings, Loaded, Seismic, Fireball, Nersh, Alachemy Griptape, Fatties Board Shop, and Small Town Skate Shop for helping us organize the event and providing us with amazing gear to give away.

We’re already hard at work on planning The Big Scary Push 2. Mark your calendar for October 28th 2012 and don’t forget your costume.

Top Women
1st – Mareesa Babb
2nd – Jillian Konopa

Top Men
1st – James Kearns
2nd – Sean Beberdick
3rd – Hassaballa Hassaballa

Costume Contest
1st – Ken Sangster
2nd – Eric Healey


Photos by Griffin Campbell:
Album 1

Album 2

Photos by Ty Kyu
Photos by Christopher Dowell
Photos by Dann Wunderlich:


This was an amazing race! Great friends, weather, and competition with a sick raffle at the end. Props to Krystle Audrey & ‎Matt Casamassina for hosting it. Shout out to Chicago Longboard Society and the gang for giving me a chance to participate!

posted by sean beberdick on 12.02.11 at 8:50 pm
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