SHERED presents: Boobs on Boards Breast Cancer Awareness Skate

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October marks the month for breast cancer awareness. “Breast cancer occurs when malignant cells form and replicate in breast tissue. A great number of people–over 200,000 women and over 1,000 men–are diagnosed with the disease each year.” (Web Oct 22 2011, eHow Health)

In our efforts for the cause we are inviting girls & guys (yes!) – to join us for a casual skate session around Central Park, followed by a slide & slolam jam, free skate clinics, and raffles! We will be utilizing our passion for the sport as a vehicle to create awareness, while promoting a healthy lifestyle and spreading the stoke about the growing sport. This event will be hosted by talented and vibrant Bustin rider Maribeth McHugh!

Prize raffle with products and services brought to you by:
• Organic Hogwash
• Skanunu
• Longboard Loft NYC
• Push Culture
• Fireball
• Loaded Longboards
• SURE skateboards
• Uncle Funky’s
• Bustin Boards
• Smokin Mad Love

Come get your skate on for free swag and a good time, as we raise awareness !!

Visit our Facebook page for the event and see other helpful links  here for more info on Breast Cancer Awareness

How to raise awareness?

WHEN: Sat, October 29 · 11:00am - 2:00pm

WHERE: Columbus Circle / Central Park

WHAT: Breast Cancer Awareness Skate: Leisurely skate around Central Park ending at the Bandshell, where skate clinics, slalom and a raffle will be held

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