Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser @ Webster Hall Tomorrow

One of our favorite shredders is collaborating with many talented and passionate friends to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Proceeds are going to The Legacy Center( Tickets are $10 and $13 dollars at the ...

Impressions from the Broadway Bomb BBQ 2012

One of the most highly anticipated longboarding events each year — the Broadway Bomb — has taken place successfully despite the judicial ruling...

A Few Days Until Broadway Bomb / Words From The Shocker

Unfortunately I won’t be making the Bomb this year because I’m finally making the move to southern California, something I’ve been dreaming about for a while now. So currently, I’m on the road from Florida with my ...

In My Mind

An east coast POV for a video contest entry and for some spontaneous fun. Thanks for everyones help!

Central Park Race NYC 2012

We hope you made it and experienced the rush when racing the 6.5 mile loop last Saturday at the annual Central Park Race event.  

Rapid Movement Skateboard Marathon Michigan

Last weekend - June 2nd, another 26 mile skateboard marathon took place in beautiful Grand Rapid's Millenium Park, Michigan.

Friday Night with Uncle Funkys and The BK House of Vans

Check out the video and photos from the night with the girls: :: DO IT AGAIN VIDEO [fbphotos id=313269918731183]

Freshpaved Release Party | Photos

Old school meets new school at the Freshpaved Magazine's release party at Uncle Funkies. Lots of familiar faces and a lot of fresh ones as well! We are glad to see some new ladies checking out the boarding lifestyle. The female turnout could have been a bit stronger, but perhaps ...

Benny Benassi Kicks off 2012

Last week Benny Benassi, Congorock and DJ Gina Turner started the year with a bang here in New York! If this show and the events of 2011 set a bar for what will be surpassed in 2012, then we're stoked! We witnessed the female longboarding ...

Freshpaved Release Party 01/13

Uncle Funkies is releasing the latest issue of Freshpaved Magazine this Friday!Drop by between 7:30-11:00pm. See you there!

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